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My name is Kate, I go by Sparkling Sprite. I love video games, animals,  and traveling. Hanging out with my community is one of my favorite pass times whether its playing COD, Sims, or just hanging out. It's always a vibe. In the last year I also started diving into poker pretty hard and have several tournament wins and am working on getting a WSOP ring. Hope you will check out my content and find as much joy in it as I get out of creating it. 💚

Girl sitting in read shirt with gaming headphones on.

Why I started streaming...

I was really into Call of Duty MW and was playing all day everyday. One day my boyfriend came home and said, "Hey, you should try streaming." Within a week I had bought all the equipment I needed to start. I wanted to build a community of people to game with. I wanted to bring joy to people. Plus making a living from gaming sounded pretty awesome. 



Currently, I have grown so much as a person because of streaming. I'm more confident in myself and what I have to offer the world. I have also branched out my content to not only gaming, but comical VODs, modeling, (I even started an Only Fans), Vlogs, live streaming my online poker tournaments, and much more. Combined on all platforms I have over half a million followers. I never thought this is where I would be today, but I am so thankful for my community and the opportunities I now have because of streaming. 

girl sitting in window reading a book in loose sweater and underwear.
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